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The composer's bed is a gilt one; its front and rear bedsides are made of scrolled ironwork. These scrolls have welded joints and a very specific resonance. Some of the scrolls can be made resonant by hand, with fingers, with the body or with a wooden or metal percussion stick. These points are the acupunctural spots of this musical object.

The musical map for the acupunctural percussionist:

l. The composer asks for help in order to put this "naked" bed in a space where people can easily walk around it. At the moment that the bed is put down, it resonates all over. This is the composer's act. I would prefer a large living room with a high ceiling, an exposition room or a church. Even in the open air. Each visitor or passer- by can be change into a percussionist. There are no selections made: everybody is accepted, as well as small groups are.

2. One can sit on the bed, lie in it, walk around it, all by oneself or in group, eventually with the aid of an acupuncture map, and produce a musical composition of one's own. The piece will vary from one person to the other and his zeal and attitude towards this musical object. The only prohibition is to move the bed itself.

3. It is possible to take a tape or cassette with the recording of one's own composition away afterwards.

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