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Record (LP)  Meta

1983 © P-ART

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LP (1984): creation, production and release: P-ART.

Label printed on my LP (1983) Mastering: Ward Weis. Design of the sleeve + labeldesign by Jean Decoster.

The cover and the musical content of my LP are each other's witnesses in their own wright.

My way of composing performances or performing compositions is different from putting notes on paper.

Of course it would be very straightforward to record sounds from a dripping tap with a microphone. However, the story behind Parameterspel (=Play With Parameters) (4 '45 '',1980) is more than that. In this work the water drops build up the composition by starting from their own sound physiognomy which I approved through their own logic, autonomy and talent.

One could say that, out of our daily surroundings, these materials loose their conventional function in order to create a musical reality where the composer is an active chief witness of what is recorded by the mike.

Klokken (=Bells) (20 '22 '',1980) does not originate from bells, although, it migh look like it. Meta (22 ', 1980) is made with an electronic organ and a piece of cloth as a percussion instrument. The real meaning of all this can probably only be experienced beyond (meta) the music itself. It would also be a mistake to understand Oertaal (= Primeval Language) (3 ',1981) as musical recitato and not as what it really is: primeval language.

The unusual approach of this compositions is due to their astral-physiological influence on the listener, or even the therapeutical value or esoteric wisdom.

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