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People of the Wind

Running. Wind. The wind sings in my sail. Runners. Runners are after me. Runners are with me. They take part to Music. Happiness. I can feel the purity of wisdom. I quiver and so do they. We cross the high stalks of the plain as we have always done it. Always. Light after light, crescent after crescent, cycle after cycle. Since the dawn of time.

          I'm invaded by doubt. I loose harmony and Runners can feel it. Was it the right track ? Numerous cycles now. We have been falling one after the other since numerous cycles. We can't get up any more. Our race is thinning out. More and more. Is it our destiny ? Is it what we were expected to ? Runners ! The singers of the Plain of Wind !

          I can think no more. Strength. I'm the unity of the Race. I may not fail. We will always keep on running. Always.

          Broken. Suddenly the rhythm of my body is broken. I slow down. My Runners slow down. They observe. They know. They can not help me. I stop but it's too late. My body no longer obeys. I fall down. Slowly. So does my sail. Wind dies within me. I'll soon be gone. Gone.

          Stay ! Runners ! My Runners ! I'm strong ! I'm Unity. They're gone. Gone. After so many cycles. I'm no longer their guide. The race goes on. Music goes on. I'm alone. I disappear. Slowly.

          I'm not alone. One Runner did not leave. He comes closer. I can feel his vibrations. Strength. Power. Hidden intelligence. He is the One. That's Him. Why has he followed me for so long ? He was the one to guide us. I did not deserve it. He would have led us to Wisdom. Why ?

          No. He refuses to command. I can feel it. He observes us. He comes along to observe us. To learn. He refuses to influence us. Father. He is our Father. He is our Creator. I can feel his vibrations. He comforts me. I led the Runners well. I can go in peace now. His wisdom. He is in front of me. He is all around me. God. I no longer see.

          Someone goes through the high stalks of a lonesome furrow. It's over. The race of Runners has disappeared. He has gone with them till the end. Till the end of the race. He lost all his sons, one after the other. The experimentation is over. Soon, he will go back to his brothers.

          Wind starts blowing in the plain. A vessel out of space comes down to the ground. It is huge, indestructible. An approach ramp touches grass softly. One Runner moves forward and disappears inside. With no hesitation.


People of the Wind

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