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Meetings are SO boring, don't you think?

Well I never go to a meeting without a piece of paper and a pen. Not to write down important pieces of information, mind you (ever heard important things being said during meetings? me neither), but to start drawing when I really feel like I've had it!

Most of the time, the result is a miserable scribble, but from time to time I can see people coming back to me after the meeting to have a look at my drawing. That's generally a sign.

Here are some of the not-so-bad paper drawings that I've come up with.

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Illustration of the Brian Aldiss novel of the same name.

This scene happens on the moon just before the sun explodes. Large spider threads run through space between the Earth and the moon.

Sounds weird, but a very good book nevertheless.

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Date: 09-April-2007

Bla bla bla Easter Island statue, you know the stuff. Not very inspired, but decently drawn.

Chris Foss's spaceship is missing though.

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Morose Angel

Date: 17-September-2006

The theme and style of this drawing are deliberately inspired by the manga Blame! that I like a lot.


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Mourning Angel

Date: 20-May-2007

This picture carries a profound phylosophical message. Probably. Too bad I don't have the slightest idea what it is.

Oh well, I guess you should decide for yourself.

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Eroded Sails

Date: 03-September-2006

This is a tribute to Roger Dean (official website here). His style has a profound impact on my imagination. He draws improbable geological formations using unusual colors and dreamlike atmospheres.

Alright, I admit it. More than a tribute, this is rather a copy of the Shadow of the Beast 2 commercial. For my defense, I would say that I doubt I would have been able to create such delirious shapes and still make them so plausible.

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Stone Moor

Date: 16-July-2006

I don't know how long I've sat here, trying to find something interesting to say about this drawing.

Just couldn't find anything.

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The Storm Is Coming

Date: 29-April-2007

It's one of those days where the whole sky looks like a boiling plate of metal. The heat hits you like a train. The sun is up there, just above you, and the shadows are hiding away under the trees.

But the horizon is barred by a cloud so dark it looks like a bruise. And everything just knows that the storm is coming. Everything is silent. Everything holds its breath. Everything longs for the first breath of the wind, for the first raindrop.

But the storm knows. It is going to win in the end. It does not need to rush. No need to rush.

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Tree House

How about living in a gigantic tree?

And how about using sentences without words like "enormous", "gigantic" or "huge"? Not this time I'm afraid.


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