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Once upon a time there was a computer called Commodore 64. Although it was not very gifted, it did the best it could in the graphic area. The results were quite good, but God was it hard to get close to something !

16 colors could be displayed at a time from an incredible palette of... 16 colors. Along with a "monochrome" (spectrum-like) resolution of 320x200 and a "color" resolution of 160x200 pixels, there were some "minor" limitations: only 3 colors (plus the background color) could be displayed on each 8x8 pixel square. Ouch !

There was at least one drawing program called Koala Painter, but I didn't know it at that time. I drew my paintings on large sheets of cross-ruled paper. Then I translated them to binary form and used endless BASIC programs to store them into memory (you know, with DATA and POKE). Was I mad or was I mad? Well Ok, I WAS mad.

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Elian - Title Screen

Elian was the name of a C64 game that I programmed in BASIC. A little platform game featuring some sort of Pac-Man roaming a maze made of no less than -wait for it- 4 screens! Still great fun, anyway. This is the title picture.

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Deep Space

One of my early drawings. Not outstanding, but you can still feel the huge size of the spaceship. This one definitely suffers from the 'cross-ruled paper' syndrome. Look at stars: the same pattern over and over.

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Nereid - Title Screen

I started a game named Nereid. I did all the graphics, including this title screen. Then I found out that when I loaded the whole thing at once, there was no room left for the BASIC code (or at least I didn't have the required skill to make the whole thing work).

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Nereid - Game Complete

Here is the 'game complete' screen from my unfinished game Nereid. Too bad I wasn't a great programmer at that time. It could have made a decent game. Pieces of game graphics and charsets are probably still lying around on some old tape. Sob.


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The Lost Ship

The ship on this picture was taken from the advertisement for the game called Blasteroids. The whole picture was inspired by the title screen of the Amiga game named Aquaventura.

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The Last Ninja 2

This was an alternate title picture for the awesome game called The Last Ninja 2 where a noble ninja is taken through time for a final battle with an evil Shogun. Ooo-Er!

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