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I  used to be a black and white artist. Here is a selection of my favorite Indian ink drawings. Using Indian ink is a difficult challenge because there's definitely no Undo command.

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Tower of Babel

My vision of the Tower of Babel at the time. Should look far more complex and enormous, but otherwise ok.



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Inverted World

Illustration of the Christopher Priest novel of the same name.

A few people live in a moving city and believe that they are lost on a hyperbolic-shaped world.

Sounds strange, but a very good book nevertheless.

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Enormous space ship floating high above the clouds. The complex technological look was actually pretty easy to draw.



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I love this one ! One of the many bird-shaped planes I have drawn.

The idea comes from the tv series Mysterious Cities of Gold. I've been a fan for a long time.


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I always look up to the sky and imagine clouds are enormous cities flying above our heads.

This drawing partially illustrates this theme, although the flat, carefully aligned platforms don't really look like clouds.


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Pyramid of Glass

No particular story behind this one.

The two legged beast comes from a Moebius comic strip, I guess.

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Sky Whale

Another big floating ship. Not bad either. Little bit of inspiration from Christopher Foss, maybe.


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Did I say I like huge floating cities? Well, the ones on this picture can land on dead trees when they feel like it.



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Strange mixing of gigantic plants and high-tech constructions. Notice the birds flying around the base of the plant.



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Windy Moor

You might have come across this picture where a space ship steals one of the Moaï statues from the Easter island.

I liked the idea very much as you can see...


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