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Game: Doom 2 from id Software

Download: Click here to download derelict.zip (161 KB)


Lost in a desert somewhere on a recently colonized planet, you're about to die from thurst. You stumble under the cruel sunlight. Suddenly, in a small depression, you find the entrance to a mining station. Most of the inhabitants seem to have left in a hurry. Some of them even seem to have gone mad with fear and shoot everything in sight. Visiting the derelict buildings you wonder what could possibly have frightened them.

Actually after a few moments, you wish you never found out.


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Ouch! Close encounter with a Mancubus at the back of the bar.
Hey! Be nice, kiddo. Good dog.

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This is where it all begins. Last chance of turning back before it's too late.
By the way, did you notice the nice blue sky?

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The jail. Looks like something terrible happened here. What kind of monster could possibly transform a human body in such a mess? Don't worry, you'll find out soon.

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Taking breath in the hospital, you can't help wondering what in the world is that chainsaw doing in the emergency room. Are you sure you really want to know?

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That fork-lift truck is out of order. Too bad really, because it could have come in handy with those Cacodemons roaming around. I guess you'll have to take them out on your own.

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AAH! AAAH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS! (lame Blood3D quote)
An Arch Vile was hiding in the hangar. I hate Arch Viles!

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Apparently, there was an explosion in the ore refining factory. Toxic waste has overflowed everything around. Great! Just when you thought it was getting a bit easy.

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Careful around the tanks! Falling in toxic waste wouldn't be too good for your health, you know?

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The drilling engine is quite heavily protected. You wonder if you're about to discover something important. More trouble I guess.

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Wow ! Looks like an underground shrine left by a long gone alien civilization. And quite some more resistance, too. Cheer up, the end is near.

My Opinion

This will be my very last Doom level. I have put all my skill in it as well as a lot of work and sweat. It might seem conceited, but I'm quite pleased with the result.

Backgrounds quality is above average and the overall atmosphere is satisfying. I find this level fun to play on your own, and its structure should be decently suited for deathmatch and cooperative play.

Version 1.1 is available since 27 March 2000. It features enhanced outside building textures for a better overall look.

Captain's Log

I created this level on the 29th of March 1997. From then to April 1999, I spent about 2 weeks of work in 1997 and 1998.

Started working again on this level. Discovered DEUTEX. Replaced the sky texture (look at the snapshots). Changed some other textures to make better use of Doom 2. The bar is still under construction (at least 2 more buildings needed). Getting critical DOS memory usage in DEEP. Tested DEEP97, but the shareware version won't let me edit this level. Any idea?

Did some very good work on this level during the last couple of days. Freed up about 100 KB of MS-DOS memory by creating a minimal config. All buildings are complete except one (where the single player scenario ends up). You will find a complete bar, a jail and a hospital, along with enhanced texturing in other buildings. I have just placed some monsters, but for now I find it MUCH too easy (at least for someone that knows what lurks around the corner).
You should also be able to use this level for deathmatch now, with plenty of sniper spots!
I have noticed a "Visplane overflow" spot on a box in the hangar. I'll take care of that.
This is a very good time to send me your opinion about this level. Feel free to send me an e-mail.

I am now using WinDEU32 to edit my level. No more memory limits at last! Alas there are some annoying bugs. Well, no-one is perfect.
Redesigned the sky texture. Much cleaner than the previous one. Completed the last building and the digging engine. Almost finished the alien shrine that hides deep in the ground.
Downloaded a set of multiplayer levels called FragFest Initialized. It contains incredible features like non-vertical doors and advanced lighting effects. That made me feel like having more lighting effects. I have even designed floating light crystals (I'm using a texture trick, but don't tell anyone).
Enemies and equipment are now approximately ready (apart from the unfinished shrine), and two difficulty settings are implemented. Use "I'm too young to die" and "Hey, not too rough" for an easy walk. Starting with "Hurt me plenty" you should feel the heat!
Expect a final release soon !

The cave at the end of the shrine was far too big and felt quite empty. I have replaced it with a smaller one. Sadly that means I don't need those cool flying crystals anymore. Anyway, this level should be complete now. All skill levels are implemented and tuned. Couldn't figure out how to fix the Visplane overflow error, so I made the faulty box in the hangar inaccessible.
Your opinion is still welcome. Feel free to send me an e-mail.

Derelict got an unexpectedly good rating at the Team Insanity website. The reviewer's main complain was the drab look of concrete buildings, which was actually true.
So I decided to give it a last effort. I have added futuristic decals to the buildings to have them look more colorful (simple but efficient). I took that opportunity to change several other minor texture details (the bar neon sign and the drill, for example). The result is released as version 1.1. Hope you'll like it !