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Talk about an awful game! Bad ingame graphics, non-existent gameplay, Spectrum-like title pic (no offense intended for the Speccy). The only thing I like about it is the Hubbard tune.

So I decided that with a decent title screen and Hubbie's tune, at least there would be a slight reason to consider buying this game.

I know I didn't even use the original graphic mode, but what the hell! The C64 had a multicolor mode, so let's use it !


My first attempt at redesigning this screenshot didn't quite satisfy me, but you can still download it here.

The Pictures

On the left the original C64 screen, and on the right my own version.

Original screenshot Screenshot++
Click here for color version
Click here for larger version

Technical Bit

Whatever the original mode was, I decided to use full multicolor mode for the whole title screen. I know it takes up a large amount of memory, but isn't it worth it?

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