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Well, there was nothing really wrong with this one. I just thought it was... well let's say dull and unconvincing. Not a match against the arcade original.

Of course, the C64 can't compete with the original subtle pink, blue and cyan highlights, but I thought I could get a bit more out of 4 colors.

So why did I move texts around? Have a look at the original title screen. Everything there is aligned on the right side of the screen, and doesn't that perfectly match? Well, I wanted to recreate that harmony.

The Pictures

On the left the original C64 screen, and on the right my own version.

Original screenshot Screenshot++
Click here for color version
Click here for larger version

Technical Bit

Nothing puzzling here. Basic character mode. Multicolor characters for the logo and monochrome characters for the text. I only changed colors 2 and 3. No big deal.

The old logo used about 65 characters. This new one uses up to 104 characters. That's pretty expensive, I guess. I have kept that older version that uses far less chars, just in case.

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