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What? Who's that guy that believes he can do better than DELTA! I mean, that game is a legend, isn't it? How can it get better?

Alright, alright. I know this is a sacrilege. Don't expect the title picture to get better. It only gets... different.

The original logo already looked like a big triangle. I wanted mine to look like a metallic space wing.


My first attempts at redesigning this screenshot didn't quite satisfy me, but you can still download them here and here.

The Pictures

On the left the original C64 screen, and on the right my own version.

Original screenshot Screenshot++
Click here for color version
Click here for larger version

Technical Bit

My guess here is that the background starfield is made of hi-res characters and that everything else is made of color sprites. The multiplexor allows more than 8 sprites to appear at once, and several color splits are used to make the whole thing look more colorful.

My version only uses 3 colors at the same time, and one of them ranges between 0 and 7 (white, actually). I hope that meets the requirements.

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