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c=64::hunter's m00n

Copyright Thalamus
Programming, Graphics and Sound effects: Martin Walker
Music: Matt Gray

The Story

Memlog Hunter.9/thmw1:

'Neat, my little ship. Good name: Hunter. Small and nifty, and it packs some punchy fire power. I'm damned well going to need it, aren't I. Got a little carried away putting Hunter through its paces. Never took that Black Hole seriously enough. Warped me straight here, or where?

'All I can see are endless crystal constructions, hive-like cities in space surrounding what look like starcells. On-board comp they control those blobs which seem to endlessly reconstruct the cities... Oh, yes, I've had a quick exploratory foray into the nearest hive. It was quick, because some of those blobs shoot back. Any damage I caused is repaired already, and the hive sits there gleaming and glistening like new.'

'On-board comp tells me that the only way home is to take on each and every one of these crystal cities. Some hope! But then, do I want to get back? Hell, I can't just sit here, admiring the view, can I? They don't call me psychoblaster for nothing-I'd better prove them right...'


Hunter's Moon is divided into 16 star systems, each with a number of levels. To finish each level, you must collect all Starcells (visible on radar). Energy from them gives temporary immunity from Spores launched by defending Cells. Single White Worker Cells will repair the cities but cannot be destroyed. When all levels within the current star map have been finished, you automatically enter the Bonus Game. Here you will gain a Perma-shield, and will be awarded an extra craft if you can destroy all eight workers. Perma-shields are selected from
the main menu and shield you from Spores for the duration of that level.

When you enter a level, one Starcell will be flashing (on radar only). If you collect this one before the Status Symbol counts down to zero you will gain one co-ordinate for Loopspace. When you have either completed the system or gained all four co-ordinates you will enter the Bonus Game. This allows experienced players to skip levels.


During title sequence, push left on joystick to select one player game. Push right for two player game. Push up or down to adjust the volume of the title tune. Press fire to start game.

During game, press the Run/Stop key to enter pause mode.

During pause mode, press Q to quit game. Press fire on joystick to resume game. Push joystick in any direction to enter main option menu.

The option menu lets you choose from three different engine types and enter relaxation mode.

My Opinion

This one is very neat. The graphics are cool. Enemy patterns create strange and oppressive labyrinths. The small aliens produce voice-like sound effects (starcells seem to cry "meanwhile!", and firing sounds like "awha!"). The relaxation mode is also very weird. I think this game deserved more success than it actually got.   :o(

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