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Copyright 1984 Activision

The Story

Your character is a true hero! Armed with a laser-spitting helmet and a few grenades, equipped with a helicopter backpack and a trusty pair of legs, he bravely enters dangerous caverns to rescue miners from spiders, snakes and strange flying insects.

On his way, he will face many hazards, such as lava walls or underground acid lakes. To make his task even harder, treacherous switches will turn off the lights on contact!


Guide the Hero to the lowest part of each cave to find the lost miner. Some caves may also have horizontal tunnels, so if you end up flying just above an acid lake, try to find an exit on the left or right end of the screen.

To destroy the doors that will bar your way, pull down on the joystick to drop a grenade, then run away to protect yourself from the explosion. If you are running out of bombs, use the laser to get through the door. It will take longer to crumble, so beware of the time limit.

Avoid any contact with lava walls or doors, and of course kill any unfriendly animal like bats, spiders, snakes and insects.

My Opinion

This little action game is fun-packed. Its fast pace grabs you and the gameplay is easy enough to keep you playing for a long time. The character follows accurately the movements of your joystick, adding to the fun. Although the scenario is not very subtle and the sound is nearly non-existent, this is a classic.

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