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Copyright 1986 Elite Systems Ltd.
Programming and Graphics: Chris Butler
Music and Sound effects: Mark Cooksey

The Story

Why is it that knights of old have to be so posey? When damsels are in distress any sensible person would leave the rescuing to the local fuzz. But not knights, nosiree, it's a case of 'have armour, will travel' with them.

One such knight stars in this horizontally-scrolling platforms and ladders game. Your girlie has recently been abducted by a troupe of travelling demons, much to your annoyance (after all, who's going to do the cooking?). Being a hard knight and all, you can't let your friends know that you've been tricked by a bunch of poncey monsters, so the job of Totty Rescuer falls on your shoulders.

Begining in the local graveyard, you must fight your way through the undead hordes until you reach your girl. It's not going to be easy, as the nasties went to a lot of trouble to get hold of her, and they aren't ready to give her up (after all, who's going to do the cleaning?).

From Zzap! 64 - October 1989


This is a fairly straightforward platform game. Guide your character along each horizontal stage. Shoot everything in sight and collect any goodie that they leave behind.

There are several weapons to collect. The knife is a fast weapon. The torch and the axe both have a limited range, but the torch's flame keeps burning for a while when it hits the ground. The last weapon is a magical shield. It may not run very fast or fly very far, but it is a pretty powerful weapon that causes a lot of damage to enemies.

If you get touched by an enemy, you lose your armor, but you can continue in your trusty underwear.  ;o)

If you get in contact a second time, you lose a life. Each time you die, you get back to the start of current level, or halfway to the end if you managed to get far enough.

You must reach the end of each level within a strict time limit. The penalty for not being there in time is death.

My Opinion

I've spent ages playing this one. The gameplay is fast and furious, also the difficulty level is sometimes set too high, due to unfair enemy behavior.  :o)

The spooky Marc Cooksey music is an instant classic. Your way is packed with zombis, crows, flying ghosts, demons, hard-looking goblins, jumping giants and fire spitting dragons. Great fun !

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