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c=64::dino 3ggs

Copyright 1983 D. Schroeder - L. Bertoni

The Story

Exploring the past via time warp, you infect the dinosaurs with common measles - Accidentally condemning them to extinction!

Overcome with remorse, you devote yourself to rescuing the entire dinosaur population!

You can do it! For you are Time Master Tim!

Using your time warp you can find and carry the dino eggs and dino babies safely into the 21st century! The dinosaurs live again in our future!

Thanks to you Time Master Tim!


The screen shows a cliff somewhere in the past. Your character can move along platforms, climb ledges, and jump (by pushing the joystick button). Note that when you walk to the left or right edge of the screen, you just reappear on the other side.

Tim uses a time warp field. This shimmering door appears randomly on a platform each time Tim warps in. At any time, the character can return to this zone and warp out by pressing the joystick button while pushing downwards. By doing this, Tim takes back to the future any dinosaur egg that he carries with him. The warp field then returns at a random position for Tim to collect more eggs.

The goal is to pick up all eggs (small white things hanging below platforms) and take them back to the time warp field. When all eggs are collected, Tim warps out without carrying anything. This will take him to a new cliff, to start it all over. Note that Tim can do an "empty" warp jump at any time, but he will loose points for each egg that he leaves behind.

Eggs hang below platforms. Some of them are hidden in cocoons. To pick up an egg or shake off a cocoon (revealing its contents), just stop above the object and press joystick button while pushing downwards. Tim can carry up to three eggs at a time. By picking up the special hold power (the spiky looking thing on the 1st snapshot), he can carry as many eggs as he wants. That power will remain until Tim dies.

Harmful animals will make Tim's task harder. Snakes roam platforms, spiders fall down the screen, and strange flying insects fill the air. If Tim is bitten by any of these enemies, he gets poisoned and slowly looses his life. All eggs he carries with him are lost. He needs to reach his warp field quickly before his life meter falls to zero. If he fails he turns into a spider and dies. The time warp field is a safe place where animals can't hurt the character, and where he automatically recovers from his wounds.

As soon as a mother dinosaur notices Tim's stealing her eggs, she starts to attack him. That means she tries to crush the character with its enormous foot. The only way to keep her away is to start a fire. To do this, pick up a piece of wood and drop it on another one the same way you pick up eggs. Dropping a cocoon on a fire puts it out.

Sometimes, an egg crackles and a baby dinosaur hatches. Do not touch it or you'll get poisoned. Instead, jump over the baby to secure it in a small time warp cage. Next time Tim warps out, the baby will get safely transferred to the future. Don't let babies wander for too long, or spiders will try to capture them and take them away.

My Opinion

What a nice way to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs! :o)

Think of it: this game was made back in 1983! This old guy does not look its age, does it? It's great fun and it's enthralling. The plot is easy to grasp, but the task is not as easy as it seems. I just love the very simple sound effects and tunes too.

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