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c=64::bruce l337

Copyright 1984 DataSoft

The Story

An opulent, mysterious, and perilous fortress is the setting as Bruce Lee seeks to claim infinite wealth and the secret of immortality from the wizard who dwells within.

You begin your search for the wizard at the entrance to his fortress. This chamber, and each chamber here, is sealed off from the other rooms. The only way to get from one room to the adjoining room is to jump up and take the lanterns which hang from the ceiling. When you get all the lanterns (or at least certain lanterns) for that room, the door opens. (Watch the edges of your screen so that you'll see when your exit is possible.) Hint: You must get all of the lanterns in the first three rooms in order to proceed. Then go to the middle room and look for the opening through which you can exit.

Throughout your search for the wizard, you are attacked by the ninja brandishing their BOKKEN sticks. Even more dangerous is the Yamo, who runs after you and delivers crushing kicks. Duck and run away to foil their attempts to harm you, then come back kicking and chopping - the Yamo can survive only three blows and the ninja can survive only two. Take as many lanterns and cover as much ground as you can before these foes reappear.

To get around each room, you can climb vines (up, down, or sideways), ride on waves of particles which change direction at random, leap from ledge to ledge, and jump down from a ledge without injury.

Hazards and traps await you in rooms close to the wizard's chamber. You must avoid electrical charges passing through gaps between ledges, PAN lights streaming across the floor, and exploding T'SUNG-LIN (bushes) appearing from nowhere.

When you finally reach the wizard, keep away from the fire balls streaming from his eyes. Press the button which destroys the wizard - and his fortunes are yours! Enjoy them, because your next foray into the fortress will be more difficult!


Moving from one cavern to another, you must collect the lanterns which will open the door to the next chamber. Further along you will encounter switches that trigger ladders or open doors.

You can punch and kick the Ninja and Yamo, who can survive two and three blows respectively before they disappear to recuperate. Bruce can take three blows from his assailants before losing one of his five lives, but a touch of an electrical charge or spike means instant loss of a life.

My Opinion

Ok. So the graphics and sounds are totally outdated. But the gameplay is still fun. The way the 12 pixels of your character move is delightful. It's a real pleasure to run and jump, and kick the hell out of Yamo the green slime and his little companion. Just look at the way Yamo prepares for battle by shouting "Waoong !". Hilarious.

Try it, you'll be glued in a minute !

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