Hello, fellow modeler, welcome to my first site, dedicated to the fine art of modeling.

I have been active as a modeler for over 15 years, and though I have set the step from static to R/C already a long time ago, I often buy a plastic kit.

On the next pages I offer you a summary of the different projects that intrigue me, that I have finished or the ones that I would like to make. I also offer you the possibility to place an add, whenever you have something to sell, or if you are looking for that special project you don't know where to find. This service of course is completely free of charge.

It is also my intention to let you follow the building of my projects in the near future with the aid of photographs ; there will also be a "project of the month', but more information about that in the future.

Anyway, I wish you a lot of pleasure with my new site (which is continuously growing), and I hoop to welcome you here many times.