México - 15/12/2000 to 15/01/2001

Chiapas & Tabasco


Mexico: The country of the unexpected

From the Pacific to the Caribbean islands, from the desert to the tropical forest, from high plateau to the volcanoes covered with snow, Mexico opens the gate to a different world,  world of magic and tradition, while plunging the visitor in Mexican time and space.

Some figures: 
Surface 1 958 200 km² (5th rank of America). 
10 000 km of coasts and 5 073 km² of islands.
Population 91 158 290 inhabitants (55% of half-caste, 20% of Indians, 15% of European origin and 10% of other origins).
Official hour GMT -8, -7, -6, -5; one applies the summer time in Low California of North.
Languages Spanish is the official language; Indian languages and dialects.
Capital Mexico City (Ciudad de México) - Federal District. 
States 31 + the Federal District.
Religion Catholic (prevalent). Freedom of worship. 
Climate Variable, desert in North to tropical in the South. 
Economy The services (of which tourism); industry; mines; oil; agriculture; the breeding and fishing.

Last updated on 10-Mar-2001.