Who We Are

The Mission to Seafarers in Antwerp vzw is a charity and part of The Mission to Seafarers which is based in the U.K. We are part of the Anglican Church. The Mission to Seafarers is an international network of chaplains, lay staff and volunteers who care for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and faiths. Antwerp is one of over 100 ports around the world where The Mission to Seafarers works full time.

The Mission to Seafarers in Antwerp works in partnership with the Apostleship of the Sea and with the British and International Sailors Society (BISS), the German Seamen's Mission (DSM), the Mission to Seafarers and the Stella Maris. We are an ecumenical team and we support each other. We work together visiting ships, being on duty at the centre, along with helping out with sports events, etc.

Our Mission

Here at the Antwerp Mission to Seafarers we take care of seafarers visiting the port of Antwerp. As part of this care we carry out the following tasks:


The Stella Maris (the Catholic Seamen's Mission) maintains the Antwerp Seafarers' Centre based at Italielei 72.

In the Seafarers' Centre, visitors can find the following facilities: