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Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

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Three original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator devices have recently been found in former Dr. Vassileff's offices in Italy.

Find out how they really worked on this website.


Drawing from: Come E Quali Malattie Si Curano Coll'Oscillatore Lakhovsky, Dr. Boris H. Vassileff





Multiple Wave Oscillator driven at full output power



The Multiple Wave Oscillator invented by Dr. Georges Lakhovsky is one of historical electrotherapy devices whose history is riddled with speculations, rumors and lot of hearsay. It is often claimed that the Multiple Wave Oscillator could easily treat cancer and rejuvenate body and is a cure for all – a sort of electrotherapy apparatus panacea. Historically speaking and by the words of the Dr. Lakhovsky himself, the Multiple Wave Oscillator in some cases cured some forms of cancer and other illnesses and in other cases (usually later stages of disease) it did little to help the condition. As for the claims of rejuvenation, there are indeed in existence historical photographs of treated patients whose skin wrinkles and grey hair got younger appearance.

Over the past few decades, there have been numerous attempts to recreate original Multiple Wave Oscillator device. Some of the devices that were result of such attempts are quite inventive and imaginative. However regardless of rumors of their medicinal efficiency they were all just educated guesses as to how exactly historical the Multiple Wave Oscillator really worked.
It all changed when several original and several still functional original Multiple Wave Oscillator devices were discovered in Italy. Through the efforts of two curious engineers Bruno Sacco and Tony Kerselaers those devices were meticulously analysed and reverse engineered. We published our findings in the e-book “The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed” (now in 4rd expanded edition). We highly recommend to anybody interested in historical materials regarding the Multiple Wave Oscillator to read that book thoroughly. It is virtually the only reliable source of historically and technically available data on original Multiple Wave Oscillator devices. Based on the reverse engineering report, it is now possible to build replica Multiple Wave Oscillator devices that closely match specifications of the original device.



Bruno Sacco and Tony Kerselaers firing up the discovered Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator in Italy.


Our research team owns two of the Italian discovered machines from Dr. Vassileff's office.


Main Research Team: Jean Claude Dupuy, Bruno Sacco, Tony Kerselaers

Mission Statement: Distribute "Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator device" knowledge.





Георгий Лаховский


Georges Lakhovsky, the inventor of the Multiple Wave Oscillator


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