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Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

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The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed

Fifth Edition


This eBook is evolving from "La Révélation" and reports the work that has been done recently. It reports accurately the technical analysis of the Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator, machine, components, use cases and many recovered original documents. This work has been made possible since we located 3 original units in Italy once belonging to Dr. Boris Hadzhi Vassileff who used these machines for many years. This is a great discovery since Dr. Boris Hadzhi Vassileff published the medical results he has achieved with these recovered machines during many years (See at the end of this page).

This book is a research publication of MultiWaveResearch. It contains accurate analysis of the original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator produced by C.O.L.Y.S.A. in France during 1931 and 1940. The Fourth edition counts close to 491 pages and has a wealth of information available about replicating, aligning and placing an original Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator. Several do-it-yourself projects are described with plenty of visual material and especially Roger Blain, researcher and MWO member of the first hour, reports a step by step approach for a DIY project that leads to a machine that can not be distinguished from the original Lakhovsky MWO. The fifth edition contains novel measurements on BV2 machine and discusses measurements on spectral emissions done in the MULTI WAVE RESEARCH laboratories.




The eBook in PDF format is written in English and relevant original documents in French and Italian are translated and added.





Understand how the Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator really works.


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The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed_Fifth Edition

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Readers Feedback




Terry P.


Wow!! your book is great. I have the download and have read in it the whole weekend.  


Arturo S.


I have download the ebook and it looks really awesome!! It's what I've looking for all my life, after many readings and disappointments.


Dustin N.


I cannot thank you enough. The attention to detail in the new edition is astonishing. This research is a remarkable accomplishment, and a great privilege to read.


Mike S.


Thank you very much, Your research is very important and you have done quite a service to the community.


Kevin J.


Appreciate your work.  One day humanity will realize the significance of it.


Roger B.


From your excellent eBook I have been able to build a faithful replica of the original BV1 MWO. It functions as stated.


Jim W.

In going over the information, I wanted to commend you on the great work you have done. I have been investigating the Lakhovsky work since 1976 and have never seen anything, that rises to the status of your work. Again thank you for your efforts. I am very impressed and satisfied with your publications. It is to soon to talk about any healing benefit's, suffice to say it is a spark and ozone generator of note in the full power setting. To the best of my knowledge I can find no other MWO on the market that is close to the original specifications.


Paul M.

After just a few minutes going through the book I admit to being totally "gobsmacked." What a fabulous effort. Thanks so much for the precise, well thought out and careful work in creating this documentation.


Yani M.

Thanks for the work you put into the ebook. Health wise, it has enabled me to realize some life changing ambitions that I would never before have considered possible.


Milivoj J.

Your work is extraordinary, there is none like that in the world for now. Your research is the most important step in this field in the last three decades, a real true revelation - "second discovery" for the open minded people.


Dustin N.

My thanks for publishing this fabulous book. It is certainly the most important work ever done in this century.


Tom Brown

I can't wait to read it. Peter has told me that the book is fantastic. Many thanks for your work on this.


Peter Lindeman

You have done a remarkable job putting all of this information together.  Thank you for doing what Tom Brown and I would have loved to do decades ago, but never had the opportunity.  You have done a great service to all of Humanity for retrieving this information.


Martin E.

I just wanted to say a big Thank You for making this information available. This is just too good to be true!


Volodja S.

I am just  enthusiastic about the Lakhovsky work and amazed how you gathered so many  information and recovered the original device.


Nicolas A.

I want to thank you for your ebook. You taught me a lot of things. This book complements the book of Mr. Jean-Claude Dupuy Like you I am passionate by the work of GL. It is thanks to people like you that we find the keys to the work of GL. A big thank you.


Philip B.

Thanks so much for all the effort you put into this eBook! I have really enjoyed and appreciated all the work you put into creating the Lakovsky multiple wave oscillator pdf. The DIY section contains very helpful information.


Christophe T.

I downloaded a 183 pages PDF which looks VERY interesting. I put my coffee machine on so that I can start reading


Moreno M.

A GREAT GREAT beautiful job, congratulations. Also, exceptional the historical part. There are biophysics concepts that I completely ignored.


Waine R.

Thanks for new eBook.  Great work.


Paul O.

Your new eBook is a very useful, beneficial imaginative book. Everybody on the world should read it in order to be informed about Lakhovsky's brilliant theory and his famous original multiple wave oscillator.


Jean-François D.

Your research work looks really impressive and I will read it with great interest.


Ingo P.

Your book is the only one in the world which deals with facts and is written by professional Engineers. Real good work


Shane T.

I just took a quick read through everything and it's very overwhelming.


Gene K.

This is a brilliant book, I am very happy with it, it is so clear and detailed.


Olivier C.

You made an amazing work in this EBook. Thank you.


Bob L.

Thank you for supplying all the data and circuit information for the MWO. I have read all that I could from many websites, including a lot of miss-information and non-technical rubbish. Your web-bits has certainly made all the sense come together.







Dr. Boris H. Vassileff


The scientist Boris Hadzhi Vassileff is born in Bulgaria in January 23, 1896 near the border with Romania. Vassileff was a brilliant scientist and founded in 1924 the First World Central Dispensary Centre for prophylaxis, diagnosis and medical treatment of some cancers. His contributions to scientific and social studies in the fight against cancer and many articles and publications all over the world are considered the cornerstone in the field of oncology. He owned three Italian university degrees; Doctor of Medicine, Doctor in Law and Doctor of Social Sciences Economics and Policy. He was a pioneer in Italy in cancer treatment by the method of electromagnetic waves by Lakhovsky's multiple wave oscillator. Dr. Boris H. Vassileff and Prof. Vittorio De Cigna set up three Lakhovsky medical clinic centers in Genoa, Milan and Rapallo. Dr. Boris H. Vassileff died in Genoa in 1981 at the age of 85 years.

1938                                              1980


Photo's courtesy of Mr. Luciano Bezerédy



Dr. Boris H. Vassileff

Photo courtesy of Mr. Luciano Bezerédy



Dr. Boris H. Vassileff with one of the recovered machines

 Photo courtesy of Mr. Gianfranco Galvani



Dr. Boris H. Vassileff with another recovered machine

Photo courtesy of Mr. Luciano Bezerédy



Dr. Boris H. Vassileff operating the spiral eclectrode

Photo courtesy of Mr. Luciano Bezerédy




Copy courtesy of Mr. Luciano Bezerédy






Communication between Dr. Boris H. Vassileff and C.O.L.Y.S.A.



One of Dr. Boris H. Vassileff publications





Photo courtesy of Mr. Gianfranco Galvani


Photo courtesy of Mr. Gianfranco Galvani



The picture below shows one of Dr. Vassileff's multiple wave oscillator's  in operation in 2010. The multiple wave oscillator is driven to a high output power to create "effluvia"; the same operational condition can be found on original pictures from the years 1930's. Note that this situation is only created for demonstration purpose and precautions has been taken not to violate the legal EMC and EMI requirements.






Electromagnetic partially frequency response









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