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Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

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Multiple wave oscillator research work is started in France by a small private group. The findings of this work are reported by JC. DUPUY in the form of an e-Book. Only available in French writing.


Copyright JC. DUPUY 


This e-Book in PDF format contains 65 pages and is available on CD. Not only the e-Book is on the CD but in total 600 MByte on pictures, original documents and reconstruction examples.






Until today, a number of articles and books are written on how to construct a Georges Lakhovsky Multi wave Oscillator. But never an original device was found, dissected and reported to the general public. JC. Dupuy was lucky to find a Georges Lakhovsky's original multiple wave oscillator in France and you will find all the implemented technology in this book.

Above all there are 2 original user instructions from the company C.O.L.Y.S.A. included, which discusses in particular about the employment of electrodes. This is not mentioned anywhere to this day.

You will also find some important information concerning the oscillating circuits which is new as well as the presentation of the Catalyst which improves the wine; this is a realization by Georges Lakhovsky which is underestimated.

Since the publication of the first edition, JC. Dupuy was able to find more information on others originals devices. The multiple wave oscillator delivered a lot of its secrets. On the CD of the second edition you will find data and numerous photos on all these devices, as well as on electrodes employed by Lakhovsky.
A word of attention for beginners is on its place here; the reported information is a little technical and if you did not study the subject, you could be disappointed. Nevertheless, if the subject really interests you and if you are not informed yet, it is a good start...





L’Oscillateur à Longueur d’Ondes Multiples : Arrêtons le faux espoir


LAKHOVSKY – La Révélation : une année après la parution de la première édition




multiple wave oscillator designed for MD office



The CD can be obtained from the author, JC. DUPUY









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