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Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

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Welcome to the multiple wave oscillator history page. This is the place where you can find pictures of original multiple wave oscillators produced by Laboratories C.O.L.Y.S.A. in France. You will find also a few pictures from recently discovered units.




Pictures of original C.O.L.Y.S.A. Multiple Wave Oscillators


















Pictures of original Multiple Wave Oscillators recently discovered


Photographed by MultiWaveResearch


History of Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillators















Radio Cellular Oscillator


Photographed by MultiWaveResearch


The Radio Cellular Oscillator is build in 1924 by Georges Lakhovsky. This apparatus produces wavelengths of the order of two meters and less, corresponding to a frequency of 150 MHz. It produces magnetic fields by means of a loop antenna. This apparatus is the predecessor of the multiple wave oscillator and was used for experiments on plants carried out at the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, in collaboration of Prof. Gosset.  


Radio Cellular Oscillator produced by Serge Lakhovsky







Multiple Wave Oscillator in the USA









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