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Welcome to the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.



Q1 Is MultiWaveResearch a company?

MultiWaveResearch is not a commercial company but a private initiative of engineers with similar interests that deploys activities for educational purpose only.


Q2 Does MultiWaveResearch produces multiple wave oscillator's?

MultiWaveResearch does not produce nor sell multiple wave oscillator's. It is our intention to distribute detail information how the original multiple wave oscillator worked.


Q3 Does MultiWaveResearch have any relationship with manufacturers of multiple wave oscillator's?

MultiWaveResearch has no relationship with manufacturers of multiple wave oscillator's.


Q4 Does MultiWaveResearch encourage you to build a multiple wave oscillator?

MultiWaveResearch does not encourage you to build a multiple wave oscillator, the information is only to reveal how the original Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator works.

Building a multiple wave oscillator is your own responsibility.


Q5 Does MultiWaveResearch encourage you to use a multiple wave oscillator?

MultiWaveResearch does not encourage you to use a multiple wave oscillator. Using a multiple wave oscillator is your own responsibility.


Q6 In which languages are the eBooks written?

The CD  "LaRévélation" is the oldest information available; the documents on the CD are in French and some are in Italian.

The more recent eBook, " The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed " is in English; all relevant new discovered original documents in French and Italian are translated and added. Currently the Fourth edition is available.

The most recent eBook, " Biological Effects of Exposure to Multiple Wave Oscillator Fields " is in English; Currently the Fourth edition is available.


Q7  There is the CD with "LaRévélation" and the eBook "The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed". Are they containing the same information and is the difference only the language?


Any seriously interested person in the Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator should have both. The packages are complementary to each other.


The CD  "LaRévélation" meanwhile version 2, contains the results of research basically done in France. It contains an eBook and many pictures and other documents like for example on oscillating circuits, wine bonifier and others. It contains also some original GL books. The information on the CD is in French.


The eBook, " The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed", is an in dept technical analysis of recently recovered multiple wave oscillator's in Italy. For this analysis we have used high level measuring equipment. It is very technical, however it contains also much practical information about results of experiments done during 1932-1956. It is written in English and includes some original ancient multiple wave oscillator documents and their translation into English.


Q8 I have read the multiple wave oscillator Handbook of the Borderland Research where Bob Beck stated that he in 1963 discovered an original multiple wave oscillator stored in the basement of a Californian hospital. So I assume all the information on this web site is already known for a long time.


We expected for quite a long time that this discovery made by Bob Beck could not be true. We never saw any pictures of the discovered multiple wave oscillator. Why is that?

In the meantime our statement is confirmed by Thomas J. Brown, the author of the Borderland Research Handbook. He wrote to MultiWaveResearch:

"I knew Bob fairly well, he would always promise to provide the pictures and schematics of the 'original' to me to publish in the Borderland Journal, but would never actually produce them."

"Ed Skilling, who built what Beck promoted, never produced any evidence either."

"He used the late Andy Anderson as his witness to that story, he told me "don't believe all Bob Beck's fairy tales."

You can read more in our "Getting started" section.

Published with permission of Thomas J. Brown.


Q9 Are there original C.O.L.Y.S.A. multiple wave oscillator's for sale?


As far as we know, there are no original C.O.L.Y.S.A. multiple wave oscillator's for sale. There are only a handful units still existing around the globe.


Q10 How many original C.O.L.Y.S.A. multiple wave oscillator's are there produced in the pre-War period?

There were 54 Lakhovsky machines produced in France. MultiWaveResearch holds a copy of inventory of the buyers of these machines.


Q11 Are there multiple wave oscillator's produced by C.O.L.Y.S.A. after 1940?

There is one multiple wave oscillator produced after 1940. Just one multiple wave oscillator was rebuilt between 1940 and 1958 for the surgeon RICHANT. Pictures and information about this multiple wave oscillator can be found on our first CD. No other multiple wave oscillator's where produced after the death of George Lakhovsky.


Q12 I want to buy Lakhovsky bracelets and multiple wave oscillator from the C.O.L.Y.S.A. factory but I cannot find any contact information?

The C.O.L.Y.S.A. factory was closed down and sold a few years after the succession trial which lasted to 1993. So the company does not exists anymore today.


Q13 What was the opinion of Serge Lakhovsky on many people starting constructing "Lakhovsky" multiple wave oscillator's?


This is from an interview between Guy Thieux and Serge Lakhovsky:

"Serge always said that all "copies" and adaptations made by different people "never worked".

In Tomas Brown's multiple wave oscillator Handbook at page 130 we find:

Serge says:

"Everyone making a high-frequency device these days calls it a Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator, and what's more, they don't work."

"Serge Lakhovsky thinks that there are a lot unjustified claims being made these days and at there is too much reference being made to published research results of his father."

"None makes the multiple wave oscillator as my father did, and none of them work as my father's did, so the claims that are being made in my father's name are unjust and far from true."


Published with permission of Tomas Brown


Q14 Does a multiple wave oscillator makes electromagnetic Interference?

Yes, multiple wave oscillator's make electromagnetic Interference. This means that household products like radio, television, computers and others within a certain range are disturbed in their operation and in the worst case can be destroyed.

Be aware that any product sold must have an FCC identifier in the US and a CE identifier in Europe. By this identifier it can be easily detected that a certain product complies with the regulations and may be sold or not.

Compliance Identifiers


Q15 Where can I start to become familiar with electronics?

If you have no background in electronic engineering it will be difficult to understand how the multiple wave oscillator works and it is suggested to gain some knowledge in that field.

Electronics for dummies (Google view)

Electronic Engineering (Wikipedia)

RF Basics

a very good book:

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, Third Edition, Stan Gibilisco, McGraw-Hill

As you know the multiple wave oscillator uses alternating voltages and currents to generate high frequency electromagnetic fields of many wave lengths. So it is also advised to study radio wave theory

Ham Radio for dummies (Google)

Electromagnetic Field (Wikipedia)


Q16 How much power is involved in a G.Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator?

The power that is drawn from the main supply inlet is somehow depending on the settings of the machine and ranges between 250 and 600 Watts.


Q17 Is there high voltage involved in the G.Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator?

Yes there is a high frequency, high AC voltage at the antennas. Touching the antennas is a potential risk for serious damage, it can shock you and burn you. Electricity deserves your proper respect and requires for safety precautions. This type of voltage reverses direction. This can cause your heart to shift its regular beating pattern in a condition known as ventricular fibrillation. If this happens, your heart muscles causes blood to stop pumping. Cutting the power might not help since your heart might not be able to find its proper rhythm.


Q18 I would like to get experience with the Lakhovsky coils (bracelets, belts, necklaces). Where can I order or buy oscillating circuits?

Lakhovsky coils can easily constructed by yourself even if you have no technical background. This is the reason we have added a section about this wonderful invention. See the section "Oscillating Circuits" which contains all information how to construct and use, including original document from the former C.O.L.Y.S.A. factory.


Q19 I have read the antenna rings are filled with gas, is this true?

We are aware of publications that are talking about concentric antenna rings filled with noble gas. Today we can confirm that there is no noble gas in the antenna rings but that they contain atmospheric air. Moreover the two outer antenna rings have a pair of drilled holes for retaining the silk tread that is keeping the rings to their position.


Q20 Is the Radio Cellular Oscillator the same as the Multiple Wave Oscillator?

It is noted that in published documents according different sources, a confusion exists between RCO and multiple wave oscillator. The RCO and multiple wave oscillator are two different machines. The RCO produces a single wave while the multiple wave oscillator produces multiple waves. 


Q21 Is the Radio Cellular Oscillator recovered that has been used in the geranium experiments?

George Lakhovsky used the RCO, which is a tunable oscillator generating a single wave, in his famous experiments with geraniums and published the results in his books. When Serge Lakhovsky returned to Europe in 1962, he hired an engineer, L. Gineberg, who designed a new version of the RCO with the purpose of selling those RCO's. You can see this "tunable RCO" in our section "History".


Q22 We read about experiments done with the Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator in France and in the US. When did this all happen?

Many experiments has been done between 1920 and 1958, first in France, until 1940 by the team of Claude Bernard in the Hospital "Salpétrière", later in the US, from 1940 to 1958 in an Chicago Presbyterian Hospital where 20.000 people has been treated with success under the responsibility of Dr. Disraeli Cobalt, who was Roosevelt's personal Doctor.

Source: Georges-Louis Portes, Dr. Thesis  1984 presented at "Salpétrière", Aspect Médicale des Expériences de Lakhovsky



Q23 We read that the during full moon the multiple wave oscillator is less efficient ?


This statement is  done by Serge Lakhovsky in an interview with Guy Thieux which is published in the magazine of "Arkology Fondamental", April 1988.Georges Lakhovsky said that Oscillating Circuits are less efficient during full moon and perhaps Serge Lakhovsky made the link and said it is the same for the multiple wave oscillator.



Q24 I have heard that the multiple wave oscillator was used together with electrodes, is this true ?


The basic set-up includes two broadband antennas. Georges Lakhovsky and the Italian Doctors have used additional electrodes like spiral, feet and hand electrodes. This electrodes concentrates energy and were used for localized energy concentration.



Q25  I see very special spark gap constructions in the pictures at this website. How does they work?


There is an in dept study available on different types of spark gaps used by Lakhovsky. All this information can be found on the "LaRévélation" CD.



Q26  Georges Lakhovsky claimed that in his patents that he used gas tubes. Is this so?


 No there are no gas tubes in the original multiple wave oscillator.



Q27 What is the theory of Georges Lakhovsky?


Georges Lakhovsky found that cells are electrical in nature. He showed how cells manifest the electrical properties of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. He observed this oscillatory nature of healthy cells and the fact that, during an invasion by microbes, the cells entered into a state of oscillatory disequilibrium or disease. Lakhovsky observed that high frequency radio waves could energize cells due to the spiral helix found in each cell that acted as a receiving antenna. Georges Lakhovsky demonstrated that the application of an external electrical field generated by the multiple wave oscillator was able to generate frequencies that are characteristic of living organisms.



Q28 Are the Oudin coils filled with oil?


No there is no oil inside the coil holder. The coils are wound on holders that contain air.



Q29 Georges Lakhovsky succeeded in constructing an apparatus generating an electrostatic field. How can an electrostatic field have different frequencies?


Actually, the thing we call Static electricity is an imbalance in the amounts of positive and negative charges found within the surface of an object. It's only the imbalance between opposite charges which is important. It's irrelevant whether the charge is moving or "static." In fact, the charge-imbalance can flow along as an electric current, yet it loses none of it's familiar "static electrical" properties. But how can we have "static" that flows? Simple. "Static electricity" is all about charge-imbalance, and it has nothing to do with charges at rest.

Then what is "static electricity?" Here's a big clue. There's always a strong e-field (electric field) surrounding these charges, whether the charges are moving still. This e-field is the main feature of so-called "static" electricity. But what's an e-field? One way to say it: an e-field is like a magnetic field, but it's electrical in nature. Another simple answer: an electric field is a voltage without a current; whenever you have pure voltage, then you have a pure electric field with no magnetism involved. Static electricity is not unmoving, it really means high voltage. High voltage has all the characteristics of "static electricity."



Q30 What kind of spark gap is used in the multiple wave oscillator?


The multiple wave oscillator uses essentially a combination of electrodes with air gaps in between. When the voltage between the two electrodes exceeds the breakdown voltage of the air, the device arcs over and a current is very rapidly established. The voltage at which arcing occurs is given by the Dynamic Breakdown Voltage, which is the voltage at which the device will breakdown for a fast rising impulse voltage. Note that this voltage may be as much as 1.5 times greater than the static breakdown voltage (breakdown voltage for a slowly rising voltage.) how much greater than the static breakdown voltage the actual breakdown voltage is will be depends almost entirely on how rapidly the voltage rise, a shorter rise time means a higher breakdown voltage.



Q31 Why is it that Georges Lakhovsky used insulated probes?


Negative effects are obtained when conductive electrodes are used; ion concentration changes in the cells and the formation of harmful agents by electrolysis, do not occur when insulated electrodes are used. This is because, in general, no actual transfer of charges takes place between the electrodes and the medium and there is no charge flow in the medium where the currents are capacitive.

The electric currents usually generated by means of conducting metal electrodes usually induce ion concentration changes in cell cultures or tissues.  To avoid the ionic concentration changes, and especially the potentially hazardous elevation of intracellular calcium concentration, insulated electrodes that deliver only capacitive currents were used.



Q32 I came across this article describing Eric Dollard’s thoughts about MWO and wondered whether you had seen it. I would be interested to know your thoughts on this ?


Mr. Dollard's article has several flaws, ranging from using copyrighted material without our agreement to the failure of a proposal that does not generate multiple wave static electric fields that notch out the base frequency at the users position. Some people have a habit of writing off something they haven't experienced.









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