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Biological effects of exposure to Multiple Wave Oscillator Fields

Fourth Edition



The Third edition is upgraded with clinical results obtained by Dr. José de Felippe Junior. Dr. José de Felippe Junior, experienced Doctor, former Professor at Santa Casa Medical University Brazil, researcher for new techniques for health and the cure of the cancer. He has a long resume and is an academically graduated PHD in Physiology and Associate Professor at the Medical Clinic and Intensive Therapy Center. He has been working with a Multiple Wave Oscillator for more than a decade and has treated lots of pathologies. Dr. Felippe´s experience is a great opportunity for strengthen our knowledge and a must have for any serious MWO researcher.


This eBook discusses modern research about general interaction of fields and in particular, interaction of MWO fields. Lakhovsky observed that high frequency radio waves could energize cells due to the spiral helix found in each cell that act as a receiving antenna. He demonstrated that the application of a pulsed electric field generated by the multiple wave oscillator was able to generate frequencies that are characteristic of living organisms. This type of pulsed alternating electric field generates only capacitive or displacement currents, rather than the conventional charge conducting currents. Under the effect of MWO fields living tissues behave mostly according to their dielectric properties rather than their conductive properties.

The eBook is in PDF format and is written in English. Relevant reference documents are attached in the main document.


Electrical, magnetic fields as well as electromagnetic waves are a constant manifestation of life processes, and these are essentially involved in all metabolic and information processes of the system. A view bearing out that the state of health or sickness is directly related to the kin of radiation emitted by cells was developed by Georges Lakhovsky in 1930. He built an electromagnetic wave generator which was capable of effectively restoring the normal functions of the organism. Lakhovsky's theory is based on very simple biological observations and basic radio technology. And although undoubtedly it is a great oversimplification of biological reality, it contains ideas which may be justified a posteriori on the basis of advances in biophysics. This theory may be reduced to the following statement: "each living being is simultaneously and emitter and receptor of electromagnetic radiation." The above statement vas justified by this researcher in the following manner: in every living system, and particularly within the cell (and its nucleus), we have the components of an electrical oscillator. These elements are composed of structures capable of gathering electrical charge (capacity C), and conducting parts responsible for induction (L). If there is an energy input into the system, either From nutritive compounds or from any other source, the system begins to oscillate with its own characteristic frequency. Illness, in Lakhovsky's view, is the transition of the entire system, or of its elements, into a state of disharmonic oscillations, and these perturbations, if not sufficiently attenuated, will extend to neighboring parts, finally inducing the breakdown (illness and death) of the system.

According to Lakhovsky, the factors causing unbalanced, out-of-tune oscillations, are above all bacteria, which in their essence (as living beings), generate their own electromagnetic waves. The infection of an organism leads to a "radiation war", which may be lost by the organism. Another factor perturbing the harmony of electrical oscillations of the organism is a change in the chemical composition of the cells, which is the result of poor diet, environment and aging. The mechanism of cancer cell formation may be given as an example: a large amount of globulin is present in the blood of 40-50 year old persons. These compounds, apart from a large amount of added mineral substances, coexist with lecithins, the chemical structure of which is related to that of cholesterol. Lakhovsky in his experiments attempted to show how higher frequency radiation may extinguish lower frequency radiation, and shorter-wave radiation is propagated to neighboring cells. The process of propagation is in fact the propagation of the cancer itself, which "tunes in" the neighboring cells to its own frequency: it is a process of information transfer, rather than a transport of mass.

The Fourth edition is upgraded with new insights and for the first time, 3D electromagnetic simulation will show fields and effects of the Multiple Wave Oscillator machine inside a human body. The field distribution and current density inside a human body model on using the spiral electrode(s) or feet grounding are reported. It reveals that the subject act as an antenna which transmits its disharmonious frequencies to the antenna connected to the ground.







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Milivoj J.

While the very first reading/ studying the new book I am feeling very excited. It takes time to understand and apply this comprehensive “high density information” material. Definitely, the new 2nd edition of the “MWO Fields Book” is simply fascinating. It contains plenty of the most valuable information, ideas and excellent practical instructions.  Besides many reliable “gold mine” answers for every serious researcher, it opens a new questions, that couldn’t be asked ever before. I feel like I have the “Book of secret knowledge” and I believe it’s not far from the truth. My congratulations, it was worthy waiting!




David G.

Thanks so much for this incredible work! Thank you very much for this update of your outstanding work.




Witold C.

Just finished reading and want to thank you for this great publication with wealth of scientific data. I've learned a lot from you guys after reading both books and greatly appreciate all hard work and research done by your team in order to reveal MWO to the world for the second time.



Milivoj J.

Your work is invaluable. The price cannot pay your hard work and your contribution in this fairly unexplored field. Your books made enormous stimulation and bring plenty of new light into this important matter, enabling better navigation for many researchers. The huge list of visitors in the 134 counties is proving this opinion. Your research had brought a great joy and happiness into my life and helps me in my own research to make a bigger steps than I could make ever before. Your significant discoveries described in the eBook, change my perception about frequency therapy upside down. Your research is founding a new paradigm of how EM fields influence processes in a living tissue. Everything in this matter should be revised.


Jim W.

In going over the information, I wanted to commend you on the great work you have done. I have been investigating the Lakhovsky work since 1976 and have never seen anything, that rises to the status of your work. Again thank you for your efforts. I am very impressed and satisfied with your publications..


Pierre S.

Thanks for this great source of information,  it's really appreciated !


Philip B.

Huge congratulations on your new PDF!

Nicolas A.

Thanks  for your research...It's difficult to find a good documents, with your eBooks it is possible to have correct and real information...

Edward S.


Your efforts are appreciated by many people. Your new book is a much needed work and your approach to the subject is refreshing. I have already gained much from your work.

Jean F.D.


Thank you for this great study.

Jaimy O.


I’m finding your latest book very interesting to read and greatly appreciate your work. I also think your website is an excellent source of information.


Marco R.


I have read the Biological Effects of Exposure to MWO Fields and it's simply great! As I told you before, I like your style of writing is highly professional and goes into minute details, but at the same time it's written in such a way that everybody can understand it! Well, not the formulas, but that's only because they appear to be very difficult.














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