Broken window After half a day of siteseeing in the neighbourhood of Jasper city, we finally book a drive to the start of the North Boundary Trail. This 10-days hiking trail will led us through the Rocky Mountains. When the driver picks us up, it starts raining and it becomes cold. The drive from Jasper to the start lasts for about one and a half hour. Especially the last part is exciting. The normal roads stop and a muddy path continues. A board 'Trespassing on your own risk' fulfills this excitement. After some meters we understand why only one compagny gives this transport service. When we arrive, there is mud all over and finally we find a good spot along a nice lake.

Start of North Boundary Trail The next day, we rise early to start our hiking trip. Horse Trailer The start of the trail lies not really in the national park but in a neighbouring provincial park. At the beginning, some information about the trail is available. Some huge trailers for horses are placed there. Because of these horses, the beginning of the trail is very muddy. Since the horse trail splits off after one kilometer, we are not disturbed too much.

Trail through the woodlands The first day of the North Boundary Trail leads us mainly through woodlands. The trail is very good and looks brand new. Apparently, people have worked on it to remove the path from fallen trees and other dirt. After one hour we meet for the first and last time a park guard. He is very friendly and ask for our wilderness pass. He looks very real with his 'cowboy hat' and his two horses. It was just like we were playing in one or other western movie... Since the woodland was very dense, it was almost impossible to see animals. We encountered only some patridges, waiting as long as possible to flee from us. Descending the pass was as easy as the climb. The mosquitos at the end of our day were our most important obstacle.