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Some Practical Information

If the previous pages look you very interested but you really don't know how to get there and organize your trip by yourself, than this is an interesting place for you. Below you find some usefull information about how we manage to arrange our trip ourselves. Good luck!
Amsterdam - Edmonton
Martinair Airlines provides direct flights of 8 hours from Schiphol (Amsterdam) to Edmonton, the main city of Alberta. In 1999, this line was arranged 2 times a week. We booked our plane at an Airstop travel office in Belgium. On their website you can find additional information about the prices.

The skyshuttle service
Edmonton - Ft. McMurray
A skyshuttle service provides the transportation from the international airport to downtown. About each half an hour, a small bus (see picture) leaves at the intrance of the airport. From there, there is a direct Greyhound Bus connection to Ft. McMurray. This trip lasts about 5 hours and leads through a nice part of Alberta. The bus schedules can be found at the website of Alberta Inter-community Public Transportation. There is also information about other destinations in Alberta.

The Canoe-trip
Like you probably have read already was our canoe-trip arranged by the people of Points North Adventures. Theyselves rent the canoe and book the float plane for you. We made a trip of about 200 km on Clearwater River, but there are also a lot of other possibilities on other rivers and of other lengths. They own a jetboat which can transport some canoes upstream for daytrips or weekends. Contact the people and you will see they will find an appropriate solutions for you.