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Party time at Clearwater River Since we passed the serie of rapids, we are more and more encountering people. On our seventh day on Clearwater River we are rushing down the river, under dark clouds. About 500 meters of our camping place we hear people singing and hear someone playing the guitar. It is sunday today and some people working in the oil industry of Ft. McMurray are coming up the river the amuse themselves. A strange view after 4 days of solitude. The taste of some Butweiser and smoked salmon, said caught in Clearwater River :), helps us to forget the abrupt step into human civilisation.

Please, 2 times goldeneye for dinner! The last day before our arrival in Clearwater River, we camp at the intersection of Clearwater River with a side river. This spot is realy excellent for fishing! In about 1 hour, we catch about 10 walleyes with 1 plastic twister tail. They are not so big, but almost each throw gives a fish. There is also an other story about fishing on this camping spot: you are never alone there. A fish eagle is constantly sitting on a tree, looking the way humans are catching fishes. But not only the eagle, when we are fishing on a river bank, suddenly we hear a lot of noise behind us. Back in Snye, Ft. McMurray A black bear is also fishing for dinner, but now he has enough and decided to run away. We are lucky, we are fishing in the other direction! The bear must have been there for almost an hour without we noticed him! How many of those large predators saw us without we noticed them during our last week?

After a good sleep with the fish eagle as our guard, we start our last canoe day. John Semple is waiting for us in the early afternoon. The last trip of about 25 kilometers brings us back to our starting point: the float plane basis in Ft. McMurray. When we take our last meander we see our the last animals: 2 white tail deers are drinking on a river bank, at about 100 metres of the city. Walk hunderd meters out of Ft. McMurray and you can spot already some nice wildlife!

The fatter, the better Just before we arrive at the basis, we see John Semple. He was taking people into the wilderness with his jetboat. In about one hour he can bring you about 40 kilometers out of town. Good for 2 days of paddling, fishing and wildlife. Once arrived at the office of Points North Adventures, the first thing we do is attacking a fast food restaurant: pasta food is good for your condition but doesn't taste after 8 days. Everything looks ten times better than an other pasta meal!

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