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Beaver house People from Points North Adventures told us that Whitemud Falls is really a beautifull place and offers excellent hiking opportunities. By this, we planned to stay 1 day on this camping spot and explored the neighbourhood. Along the right riverbank lays an old hiking path towards a campsite for fire security services. We walked about 10 km through dense bushes, crossed a sider river of Clearwater River on a beaver dam and finally found the old campsite. Some pieces of rope and old campfires are the only remainders of the presence of humans.

Fishing in Clearwater River Only 20 meters out of the river border there is a small island which is an excellent place for fishing. 10 minutes after my first throw I catch a pretty tall northern pike. Since I would like to fish a bit longer, I put it back in the river where it belongs. After an hour we decide to fish on the island. We put our trousers up and cross a part of the river. Help! Killerfish! This fishing spot was really excellent. You can fish in the big river on one side of the island. On the other side was a small side stream with lots of rocks deep spots where you can almost see the fishes swimming.

Like everywhere on Clearwater River, the fishes seem to wait for us. Only ten minutes fishing on the island, again I catch a beautiful northern pike on a small spinner. Bart, not really familiar with these killerfishes want to have a picture of himself together with the fish. Since we want to eat the fish, I kill it and then Bart is brave enough to take it into his hands. On the right picture you see the result: Bart struggling against his killerfish.

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