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Already from the first sunshine it's obvious it will become a beautiful day. Behind in the canoe Our food is still in the tree which still standing, although many of his neighbours aren't anymore... Today we will canoe across the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan where we were dropped by the float plane. It's a rather long trip (40 km), but without obstacles what makes it relaxing paddling. We are wondering how long we will have to wait on our first wildlife view. Since we are leaving early in the morning (8 o'clock), we are prepared to see a lot of wildlife. Maybe that's the reason why we haven't see anything yet at eleven o'clock. Would our black friend of yesterday have been a lucky (?) shot?

Well, it wasn't! Just before the noon we see National Geographic life in front of our canoe. Moose spotted! Suddenly Bart spots a female moose at the left bank of the river. She stands with her 2 front legs in clearwater river and nervously turning with her ears. No, we want the reason of her behaviour: at the other side of the shallow water, 2 white wolves were preparing an atack on the animal. But a few seconds after we saw them, they disappear in the bushes on the right hand shore. Although the instant danger is gone, still the large animal isn't moving. Slowly, slowly we cautiously try to approach the cow at the other side of the river. How long will she stay on the sand bank before she decides the end the show? Second after second we are getting closer and closer.

When we are approached at about 15 metres from the animal, How close to the moose! she starts to make noises and shakes with her head. Time to get away! That is also her idea, but at that instance we see the reason why she let us come so close. She can only walk very slow, both her front legs were injured, probably because of the wolves. When we told the story afterwards to John, the guide from Points North Adventures, he told us she would almost certainly die in wilderness. Our interference was probably only a delay for a final attack of one or other predator of the canadian forest. In real, nature's law looks so much different than on television.

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