<CENTER> <H1> <IMG SRC="../canada-vlag.gif" ALT="Canadese vlag" WIDTH="100" ALIGN="LEFT"> <IMG SRC="../canada-vlag.gif" ALT="Canadese vlag" WIDTH="100" ALIGN="RIGHT"> Canoeing on Clearwater River </H1> <FONT SIZE="2"><I>Click on the thumbnails to see the larger version of the pictures</I></FONT></CENTER> <P> <BR> This canoe-trip starts in Ft. McMurray a 'oil'-town in the northern part of Alberta and was the product of a lot of emails between Belgium and Canada, Points North Adventures more in particular the outdoor organisation Points North Adventures which provides us the canoes, food supplies and has booked a float plane for flying us upstream the river.These people are really professionals and give us a lot of usefull information about the river, the region, the wildlife and many more. John Semple, the person who is running the business together with Anita, his wife, even went out with us to buy the appropriate supplies!

A float plane will bring us just accross the border with Saskatchewan. Just before take-off Our canoe is tight on one of the floats with some rope (see picture) and our backpacks are place in the rear of the small plane. The weather is very beautifull (27 degrees Celsius) and there is almost no wind in the valley of Clearwater River. During our 45 minutes flight we receive a very nice impression of the river we will canoe on for the next 8 days. Around this river, nothing but forrest. How will we survive in this wilderness full of bears, mooses, wolves and other wildlife?

Except some problems with the stomach for Bart because of the impact of the wind on the canoe, Just landed the flight and landing is perfect. Just putting out our stuff and untie the canoe and we are ready for some wilderness experience on Clearwater River. The airplane leaves us and a few seconds later we hear our first moose of the week. We are wondering how long it will last for a first encounter with a black bear? John told us that there were lots of them near to the riverside and we would at least see 3 of them. When he was saying this, we thought he was joking, but was he?

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