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Popular Traditions

In Morocco, beliefs in magical powers were of great importance in daily life. Talismans and amulets offered ways to express these beliefs, as well as the talents of the craftsmen who designed and produced them.

The amulet, such as the hand of Fatma (hamsa), was worn (and still is) by Muslim as well as Jewish women, from coquetry or superstition.

Hamsa (hand of Fatma). 19th, Southern Morocco. Hammered and engraved silver.   Haut de la page...

The magical powers of talismans were handwritten or printed on paper, parchment, metal, wood, or stone. Their protective functions were called upon mainly for the pregnant mother and the infant.

Ilan HaKodesh (sacred tree). 19th, Mogador. Ink on parchment.   Haut de la page...

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