Music and Painting

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Synagogue and Andalusia

Jewish Moroccan musical traditions have always pursued the preservation of religious faith and group identity.

Arabic musical influence has greatly impressed Jewish music in Morocco, since the Arabo-Andalusian era.

When they left Morocco, the Jews took with them their religious songs. These remain a living memory of the community, and one can still listen to them in synagogues in Israel, France, or Canada.

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Photograph of Jewish musicians. Marrakech, 1920.

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Lute with six pairs of strings. 20th century, Morocco.

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Since human representation is forbidden in Jewish and Muslim traditions, the majority of paintings, drawings, or watercolors made in Morocco are from foreign artists, especially French.

Among the best known, one must cite Delacroix, who brought back magnificent paintings on the Jews of Tanger.

Othe 19th century painters, such as A.Dehodencq, Th.Van Ryssebeghe, Edy-Legran, also left impressions of this Jewish Moroccan ambiance.

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Oil painting (90/60cm). Anonymous. Jewish woman in fancy dress.

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