Clothing and Jewelry

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The importance of regional influence in Morocco may easily be observed through costumes and jewelry.

Two major categories of costumes and jewels may be distinguished :

The most important distinctive feature of the urban woman is that she wore a costume sewn into 2 or 3 pieces (like in Europe), whereas the rural woman did not wear sewn clothes. She only wore a single piece of material, held by fibulas.

It is only at the beginning of the XXth century, with the arrival of the French, and little by little, that traditional clothes were replaced by European style outfits.

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Similarly to clothes, urban jewels were different than rural jewels. The first ones were almost always made of gold, sometimes with inlaid gems, whereas in the countryside jewels were in most cases made of silver, sometimes with enamels.

Here also, the regional influence has been very decisive on styles, with Spanish decoration in the North of the country and in big cities, or Berber motives in the South and the open country.

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Keswa el kbira (great robe). 19th, Tanger.

  • small corset

  • breast-plate

  • skirt

  • belt

  • scarf

  • shoes

  • head-dress

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Bride's diadem. Beginning 20th, Rabat. Silver, pierced and inlaid with semi-precious gems.

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Derra (shirt dress). Beginning 20th, Tafilalet. Silk embroidery on cotton material.

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Kelnak (necklace). 19th, Tafilalet. Silver disk and small coral stones.

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