Two shots of happy, one shots of side for Antwerpen












Land: Belgium
City: Antwerp
Date: August 5th, 2001
Place to be: sportpaleis

Taper: pipeau
Tech info: Bono's earfeed>Mini-disc > CD-R
           Optical cable
           Hifi graper Pioneer PDR W 839
sound quality: excellent earpiece


CD 1: 
01. Elevation
02. Beautiful Day
03. Until The End Of The World
04. New Year's Day
05. Kite
06. Gone
07. New York
08. I Will Follow
09. Sunday Bloody Sunday
10. In My Life
11. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
12. In A Little While
13. Band Introductions
14. Desire *

CD 2:
01. Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad / Stay (Faraway, So Close!) *
02. Bad
03. Where The Streets Have No Name
04. Mysterious Ways
05. The Fly
06. Bullet The Blue Sky
07. With Or Without You
08. One *
09. Wake Up Dead Man
10. Walk On 

* some technical problems and interferences due to the earpiece
globally a very great sound quality about show from my country..

Personnel note: The copy I have is a copy from the master, the textfiles above are also a copy of the textfiles       I had                   from the taper, so please respect his wishes.

What happened?
Before Bono and Edge wanted to start Stay, Bono spotted a sign in the audience. (or someone asked him) Anyway, Bono mentioned that the person wanted to hear a song he'd written for Sinatra but he can't remember the words.. On the remark of the fan that Bono should know the words as he'd written the song Bono remarked 'Yes, I've written it, but that doesn't mean I can sing it' and 'I suffer from Alzheimer and Gilles de la Tourrettes' (meaning Bono forgets lyrics and shouts irresponsible words) Bono made the mistake of saying "'Could you please be quiet. I'm trying to have a conversation here" as it resulted in a loud roar from the audience. 
He also said that he even needed help for the next song (being Stay and a crew member indeed put a paper on the stage with some word on it). Bono said he only remembered one part of the song and then he sang a capella: Guess I've been greedy, all of my life. Greedy with my children, my lovers, my wife. Greedy for the good things, as well as the bad. Two shots of happy, one shot of sad." 
Whistles, hoots, and hollers followed from the audience.