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The Nagant revolvers
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Ebook's Content

The Nagant firm historical recall
- From firearms to automobile

The Nagant revolver Model 1895 - historical recall
The first
- The Nagant and Pieper's cartridge
Russia under the reign of
Alexander III
icence of production to Russia
Markings on the model 1895
Shift from single to double-action mode
- Variations of the model 1895

Takedown of the Nagant Mod 1895
- Takedown procedure with pictures
Trick to ease the hammer takedown alone

Mechanical principles of the revolver Nagant Mod 1895
The answer to
gas leakage at the barrel-cylinder joint
- The 7,62 mm Nagant ammunition

Lock of the revolver Nagant Mod 1895
the revolver Nagant model 1895 owns a true breech lock
Animated sequence on the locking process
- Shooting in simple and double action
- Rebounding hammer
Animated sequence about the double-action mode

The performances of the revolver Nagant Mod 1895
One can first criticize the tremendous trigger's weight
- A Russian trick to greatly diminish the trigger's weight
obsolete loading system
he Nagant 762 mm cartridge comparatively to the others
ow to use of the 32-20 Winchester case for reloading

The Nagant revolvers of the Belgian Army
Specific markings
- The model 1878 in caliber 9,4 mm
- The 9,4 mm Nagant cartridge
- The model 1883 in single action
- The model 1878/86 in double action with a simplified lock

- The model 1883 in double action

Belgian Army revolvers holsters
- five models presented

The Nagant revolvers of the Grand-duché of Luxembourg
First model termed "Officers Mod 1884"
Second model termed
"Mod 1884 for officers with safety"
- Third model or Mod 1884 for gendarme
- The removable bayonet
- Table of the different models compared

The Swedish Nagant revolvers
- The Swedish model 1887 in caliber 7,5 mm
The Husqvarna production

The Serbian Nagant revolvers
- The Serbian Nagant Mod 1891

- Technical characteristics of the Serbian model
- Specific markings

The Nagant revolvers of South America
- The South American Nagant in cal 11 mm
- The
44 Nagant Brazilian (11,2x20R) and 440 Nagant Argentinian (11,2x22R)
- The
South American Nagant revolvers compared to the Belgian 1878 to 1886 models
- Table of comparison

The Nagant revolver Mod 1910
Léon Nagant passed away
- The
Nagant brothers decided to improve the model 1895
- Characteristics of the model 1910

Nagant's patents about firearms
Patents list
The current value of the Nagant revolvers (B&B sales)


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