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The Combat Sim checklists and charts are available for free.

Some of my work is available through Lulu publishing. please understand that you pay the publishing & printing of the document, not the content. all files available printed from Lulu are available for free as a PDF download from this website.

Eventually you choose your own way.




- January 12th, 2015. The EMF map has been updated and the EMF AIP is now released. Greece, Italy & Cyprus are complete. Turkey is still WIP but the main F-16 airbases are on the map as well. Click on the EMF Interactive map above tojoin the map or go to the Falcon4, navigation section to download the AIP. the AIP is also included in the original release of EMF (doc folder)

- Dec 07th, 2014. Work has been continuing on the EMF interactive map. Greece& Italy are now completely and Cyprus is about to be done. Turkey is left to cover but that's a huge bite and it may very well be possible i won't be able to finish it before EMF is released. EMF already has a partial AIP as well which will be available at release, hopefully soon. Click on the EMF Interactive map above to track progress.

- July 24th, 2013. There comes a second interactive map for what I believe is the next one best theater for BMS: EMF. It is a very ambitious project in the mediteranean including Greece and Turkey mainly but comprising parts of the Balkans, North Africa annd the middle east. The release will be made in different phases as the quantity of work needed to cover the whole terrain is huge. Phase one will concentrate on Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey. I have the honour to work with the dev team doing the approach charts for the realistic airports they model. The interactive map is thus a natural consequence. At this time, only Larisa and Nea Anchialos are implemented but many more are soon to come. Click on the EMF Interactive map above.

- July 6th, 2013. I added the KAIP files in the navigation download section. This replaces the Korean navigation volume Version 1107. It is available in two versions, one with all the approach charts, the second without the approach charts in case you already have them printed. The file is also available for printing (real format) on Lulu, direct links are provided.

- June 24th, 2013. I added a direct link to the Korean Interactive map I created a while ago. The link is on the top right of the homepage, just above the links. The link to the KTO interactive map opens in a new windows. Click on any airport on the map to see the navigation information and the airport charts.

- June 13th, 2013. Work continues on the EMF terrain map (phase1) . It is almost to the point where I will be able to start doing IAF charts. I have very high expectations for EMF that will bring us a new terrain for BMS on par to Korea, maybe even better in some aspect. Here is a teaser of the ONC map. Next step, doinf the approach charts

- March 12th, 2013. The BMS 4.32 dash one document is now available in paper from Lulu.com. Having a PDF is nice but having a paper book is much better and I must say it woke up some found memories of having a sim manual for real. I published three different format of the same document, all A4 format but you can choose between colour or black or white and glued or coil bound. Price varies accordingly. I do not make any benefit from that, the price is what Lulu ask for printing. The links are on the BMS document page. Next Lulu Project is a Korean AIP for BMS 4.32.

- April 18th, 2012. Just a small update today, the Kotar document was updated to V2.2. I corrected a mistake about slant range being used instead of base distance in the box pattern. The updated version is on the BMS document page

- April 6th, 2012. Do you need some reading for the upcoming long Easter week-end, Here is the first version of the BMS DASH 1 manual, relevant to BMS 4.32 update1. Get it while it's hot on the BMS document page, and please accept my apologies for your printer cartridges.




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