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The Combat Sim checklists and charts are available for free.

Some of my work is available through Lulu publishing. please understand that you pay the publishing & printing of the document, not the content. all files available printed from Lulu are available for free as a PDF download from this website.

Eventually you choose your own way.




- April 25th, 2019. The Korea and EMF interactive maps have been updated to 4.34 standards.

- April 20th, 2019. BMS 4.34 is released. Plenty of new things and 3 new manuals ...

  • Dash-1 (Flight manual F-16C/D block 50&52)
  • Dash-34 (Advanced avionics & weapon employment manual)
  • Training manual (to document the new 4.34 training missions)
  • BMS manual (Sim related content)
  • BMS Comms and Nav book (expalining the new ATC procedures and how to use the charts) (NEW)
  • BMS Naval Ops (Discover the updated Naval Operations in BMS with the F/A-18C) (NEW)
  • BMS Technical Manual (All Technical aspects of the simulator) (NEW)
  • F-16 checklists (main checks, avionics, weapons, ...)
  • Korea AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) for BMS 4.33 Korea
  • All Korea airport charts with the new frequencies (ATIS, ground, approach/departure)

All the above are available for printing on Lulu,click the logo on the right - they are also available as free PDF from the BMS forum.

- March 10th, 2017. I changed the structure to access the Interactive maps. Two new inetractiver map are in progress but already avaialble: ITO and IKAROS for BMS 4.33. Two more are under development for the future: Balkan and Nevada All likns are now available from the interactive map page.

- April 20th, 2016. BMS 4.33.1 has been released April 5th and i finally had the time to update all links in this website to reflect 4.33.1 files. Apologies for the time i needed to react to adapt links accordingly for the new 4.33.1 and a personnal server move happening at the same time. All links should now be restored.





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