FRONT 242 "PULSE" new album : 's OFFICIAL Pulse release Belgian website

FRONT 242 are



Patrick Codenys

Jean-Luc De Meyer

Richard Jonckheere

(Band photos by David Dobson)

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FRONT 242 Gear used to make "Pulse"

Avalon 737, Avalon 747, Akai S3200, Clavia DDrum4, Clavia MicroModular, Clavia NordLead II, Clavia NordModular, DBX 160SL, Electro Harmonix Sequencer (x3), Emu Emulator II, Emu Morpheus, Ensoniq VFX, Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer HD3000, Korg WaveStation, Korg Z1, Lassence µVenturi II, Lexicon 480L, Line 6 Echo Pro, Moog Voyager, Oberheim Matrix12, Roland G-10, Roland JD990, Roland MC4, Roland MKS-30, Roland MPU-101, Roland RSS10, Roland SDE-3000, Roland SRV-2000, Roland System 100, Roland System 100M, Roland V-Drums, Sherman filter, TC Electronic Finalizer, TC Electronic Fireworx, TLA Audio EQ1, TLA Audio EQ2, TLA Audio C1, Waldorf Q, Yamaha 40M, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha SPX1000, Yamaha TG77, Yamaha VL1, Yamaha VL1m

Apple G4 computer running Steinberg Cubase VSTi and Nuendo
Mixing Desk : Mackie D8B Digital 8-Bus
Monitoring speakers : ProAc Tablet8 + ATC SCM50


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Front 242 Credits

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