Weather Station from ON4LDZ - Zaventem - Belgium

My QFH antenna

Looks great The varnish is already done First contact with a scanner, not very good, but encouraging    

Bend tool

To build the antenna, I have first used the JAVA calculator from Jean-Coppens with the following value.

Design frequency  = 137.5 MHz
Number of turns  = 0.5
Length of one turn = 1
Bending radius  = 10 mm
Conductor diameter  = 12 mm
Width/height ratio = 0.44

Ws2Lr - Program used to link WX2IMG to LR  

Loading the background picture Setting of the radius of the map Final result with 557x557 dimension and $.dat file are also generated (here only the background) Loading the composed image from WXtoIMG Mixing of the composed image with the background  with apply of the transparence and intensity level, final result. Setup window of the Ws2Lr

* This program can also be used to generate a map with variant radius without a mix of WXtoIMG composites.

Since the 1st of March 2008
The NOAA PC is turned ON only when a NOAA sat is passing.
Wake up mode is made via the ACPI 5 -WOL

Here the program on the NOAA PC.
 It sleeps when all batch processes are down.
Here the program on the Main server.
 It wakes up the NOAA PC.
Turn on the LR server.