HARDWARE - External VLF LOOP Antenna

Electronic for
LR REV 3.0

Diagram From
John Silver


Next Generation
Big VLF Loop Antenna - The HQG antenna
(High Q & Gain)

55 Turns per loop Area = 1m^2 Wire diametre = 1.4mm^2

Tutorial Screen


Software for LR

Lightning Radar Full setup/install program.
Install the update after
Last public update of LR
Place the file in the folder of LR

Full installation for the histogram.
Read the readme.txt please.
Last public update of the program.
place the file in the folder of LR
BMP to PNG converter for lite upload
BMP to AVI converter for animation. Setting Command used like this site is
bmp2avi -i 4* -o picture4 -f 10 -k 50 -q 1000 -c cvid
Program "rjeloop.exe" by G4FGQ for antenna desing and coupling 
MapCreator - More great map creator