The Russia-bar "1916-R-1917" : Original & Restrike


On the 22 december 1931 the Belgian Government decided by Ministrial Decree that a special bar could be placed on the ribbon of the "Commemorative Medal 1914-1918". About 380 persons, who were part of the Belgian Expeditionary Force in Russia were awarded with that ribbon-bar.

Unfortunately, because it's one of the most sought after bars and became expensive, restrikes were made in May 2002. 

Hereafter you will see the difference between an ORIGINAL and a RESTRIKE.




  Original "more fine" Restrike


All the dimensions are the same except for the backsite-clasp

above original (brighter & better gilted)          

 above Original (width clasp: 3.20mm; Thickness clasp: 0.40mm)

restrike (width clasp: 3.70mm; Thickness clasp: 0.95mm)


Many thanks to Mr Van Wijnsberghe for his collection item