Belgian Military Insignia

The purpose of these webpages is to give a survey of some known Official Belgian badges and insignia (Period 1946-present)

For insignia of the period 1920-1940, please take a look at the website of Jean Lummerzheim and for the Belgian WWII badges  look at the website of Jean-Marie Van Wijnsberghe: 

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Army  1946-present 

Infantry Regt and Heavy Tank Battalions

Carabiniers - Chasseurs Pied - Chasseurs Ardennais - Military Police - 'Battalion Liberation'

Grenadiers Regt - Carabiniers (Rifles) Cyclist Regt - Heavy Mortar Coy - ATK Coy - Infantry School - Recce Esc.

Parachute Regiments - Commando - Paratroop qualification badges

Guides Regt - Chasseurs Cheval

Lancers Regt 

Artillery Regiments/Battalions


Air Force 1915-present:

Pilot & Air Force Insignia (1915 (WWI) - 1935)

Pilot & Air Force Insignia (1935-1940

Pilot & Air Force Insignia (1946- present

Insignia of the Belgian Light Aviation


Navy 1946-present:

Insignia Belgian Navy (1946-present)


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