Insignia Belgian Navy (1946-present)



Cap-badges, Wings & Sleeve Badges


tropical helmet (Officer)

Officers badge for the tropical helmet (metal)
1 Cap-badges
1a Officer
1b NC.- Officer
1c Sailor & Leading Seaman
1d models in metal for tropical-helmet (NC- Off)
1e models with anchor (officially worn between 1993-1996)
2 Helicopterpilot Wing (single Wing Flight Engineer)
3 Diver brevet
4 Marine Infantry (sleeve badge)
4a Marine Infantry (beret-badge)
4b 1st and 2nd battalion "Harbour Guard" (breast-badge 1953)
4c 1st and 2nd battalion "Harbour Guard" (breast-badge 1953)
5 Candidate NC.-Off. (white), Candidate - NC.-Off "Reservist"(green), Candidate-NC.-Off "Temporary"(blue) (1980)
5a Candidate-"Aspirant" & 2nd- Lieutenant (sleeve badge)
6 Royal Navy-badge for T-shirt (breast-badge 1980's)
7 Beret-badge 1990's
8 Insignia for Battle-Dress and Beret 1953 (Also worn by the Marine Infantry)


    Seaman's cap Insignia (General Services)    

    Seaman's cap Insignia with ship's name (Boat-Personal)    


Sleeve Insignia

    Staff-brevet holder (sleeve badge)   Off. Mil. Administrator (sleeve badge)    


 (*)  (*)
Mine-sweeperbrevet     (*) collection Lippens W.


Long Service-stripe



Collar badges

Candidate Off.   Candidate Navy Off. at the Royal Military School   Off. Reservist


    Sport-brevet (Breast-badge)    


Function-Insignia (sleeve badges)

models 1949-1965  models after '65: in Red for "Sailor and Leading Seaman"
1  Technician Electronics 1 Navigator 
2 Marine-Infantry   Ship's carpenter 
3  Diver (desmantling mines)    Diver
4  Signaller - encoder    Signal Service
5  Radio-operator - encoder    Deck-personal
6  Supply services (Steward, baker,...) 2  Detector
7  Technician Electricity    Mine-sweeper
8  Gunner    Mine-desmantler
9  Radar-Operator    Gunner
10  Transport-personal    Amourer
11  Armourer 3  Technician (mechanic)
12 Royal Navy sleeve badge 1946-1949    Technician (electricity)
13  ASDIC-Operator    Technician (electronics)  
14  Medical Services    Chauffeur 
15 Wreck-clearence personal    Chauffeur mechanic
16  Administration Service 4  Armament specialist
17  Deck-personal    Secretary
18 Ship's Carpenter    Supply Services
19  Torpedist    Steward
20 Range-finder    Ship's Mechanic
21 Adjutant 1st Class (NC.-Off 1949) 5  Musician
22 Adjutant (NC.-Off 1949)    Military Police (Navy)
23  "Brevet"-holder    Helicopter-mechanic
24      General Services
25  Stoker    Medical Services
26  Military Police (Navy)    
27  Musician    
28 Ship's Mechanic      
29 Ship-technician (ship-yard)


The models on the right also exist in "Yellow-on-Black "for NC.- Officers. The "Blue-on-White version" is worn on the Tropical/Colonial wear

1 star: Brevet III-holder - 2 stars: Brevet II-holder - 3 stars: Brevet I-holder - 3 stars and crown: brevet "M"-holder