Miles M.38 Messenger 2A  

White Waltham in 1950.


In 1960.


The engine waiting to be installed.






Type History

The M.38 Miles Messenger is an evolution of the M.28 developed in 1941 to fulfil the role of side-by-side trainer and hack aircraft.

It was not to be mass-produced because of the more urgent needs for other aircraft type like the Miles Magister. Nevertheless, Army officers that were looking for an observation airplane earmarked the M.28.

They wanted an aircraft capable of taking off and landing on very short distance. For that, Miles modified the M28 by increasing the wing surface and fitting large flaps. A third fin improved the lateral stability.

Baptised M.38 Messenger, it met perfectly the requirements of the Army officers but was not part of any official program. That's why the War ministry was quite piss-off when they found out.

The officers at the origin of this " plot " were assigned to post in North Africa (we are in 1942) and the observation units (AOP) were told that this plane, ideal for their tasks, will not be delivered to them and used only as hack aircraft!

It is so that Field Marshal Montgomery was to use two of them as well as RAF Marshal Lord Tedder.

Finally, a contract for 250 exemplars was agreed but the end of the war cut it to 21 built for the RAF.

Several civilian versions were developed, differing from the military version by their motorization, windscreen and back cockpit windows form.

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