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The land of Atlantis is going through some tough times. Everytime a king dies, a new age begins. The last King has died and the three sons of Atlantis has been send forward to search for a mortal human being who can help them in these times of Chaos.

Each of the three sister-cities send forward their own flesh and blood. All speak with the same cryptic voice when talked to: "search for the Ancient Traveller".

You embark on a mission you thought would be easy and quick, but you were wrong. You're entering a world of mysteries, danger and unseen creatures. You travel to search the Ancient Traveller. He will take you to the lands of Atlantis, through the Pillars of Hercules.

Left on your own in a unknown land, you start your journey through the enchanted forrest, only to find a city where people live in harmony with nature. We're told that they're the most powerfull magicians ever lived.

From here, you start to unravel the mysteries of Atlantis. Will you be the one to complete the quest for the six divine artifacts?




We're an international team who want to bring an unique experience to the fans of Oblivion. We're trying to create a vast fantasy world based on the legends of Atlantis. In the news section you can keep track of the things that have changed (new pictures added, storyline changed etc.).

The mod-section is the place where you want to be if you want to learn more about our project. Atlantis: Reign of Chaos will provide you with an unique storyline, astounishing new models. So check this area regularly for new updates on screenshots, storyline, concept art...

Feel free to discuss anything in our forum : suggestions, questions, support, request to join the team....

If you have any more questions and you don't feel comfortable with the forum, feel free to e-mail us anytime. All information can be found in the contact & links section together with some usefull links.


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