Adv. Technologies


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What are the features?


With this Adcanced Technologies Pack 2 you have acces to several new and upgraded astonishing features:

Ion Cannons:
These weapons don't do any raw damage, yet if they penetrate the oppenents shields they will knock out a subsystem for some time. With some luck you can disable the enemies' sensors or even their shield grid for some time. Imperial Star Destroyers are equipped with several Ion Cannon Turrets.

Technology Assimilator:

This advanced tractor pierces through the enemies defenses and assimilates their advanced technologies. With this weapon you assimilate the Corbonite Reflector, the UCB beam and other technologies. It is rumoured that Borg ships have been refitted with these dreaful weapons, that turn your special weapons against you.

Life Support:
This critical system cannot be disabled for too long. If after one minute, it isn't repaired, your crew will freeze to death, for it is very cold in space...
When you have the 30 seconds left, the computer will send warnings, with some luck you'll manage to repair the system in time...

Updated Technologies:
The UCB and assimilation beam have been seriously improved. Their effect is now done continuously and not in steps as before.
Other minor bugs in various technolgies have been patched.


With this Adcanced Technologies Pack 1 you have acces to several astonishing features: the Corbonite Reflector, Phase Cloaking

Phase Cloaking:
Let your ship fly through other vessels. Planets have a too vast mass to allow phasing cloaking, so be warned!!

Ablative Armour:
A form of hullplating that prevents damage to the ship's subsystems or hull before the armour is destroyed. This significantly boosts the strength of the ship as it's vital systems hold longer. The Sovereign and Defiant class are equipped with such armour.

Breen Drain Weapon:
The unfortunate target has a major powerloss and loses its shieldsintegrety completely. The weapon doesn't work against all foes, as the succes of the strike depends on the target's power source. Klingon ships proved to be immune to the effects, a decisive fact in the Dominion Wars.

Multivectral Shielding:  
This technology strongly improves the performance of the shieldgrid. All of the six subshieldgenerators work together in one shield, encompassing all shieldvectors, hence multivectral shielding. The combined support dramatically increases the recharge rate and shieldstrength.


Corbonite Reflector:  
This cutting-edge technology can reflect any incoming projectile. The reflecting shield is drained by the reflection but far less then an actual impact would be do, thus enormously increasing the ship's defenses.


Advanced Tractors:  
These projectors will create an unidirectional energyconduit between the shields of two ships involved. By transferring anti-gravitons from the target to the projecting ship, the latter's shields are drained while and shieldstrength is increased for the projector. At this technology comes a high power cost, quite limiting the employment time. During its development by the Romulan Star Empire, there were occasions where an unstability in the conduit led to the collapse of the host shields


Installation & Instructions:


The Download has been removed. The ATP2 overwrited a stock file.

This issue will be solved when the ATP3 is released around the end of January 2004


  1. Unzip the file to a folder of your choise. (eg. desktop)
  2. Make sure you have installed the latest Bridge Commander Mod Installer Version. Get it here if you haven't got it yet.
  3. Double click on the unzipped "AdvancedTechnolgiesPack2.BCMOD" and it will be installed.
  4. In game you need to check under menu: configure: mutators: Advanded Technolgies 2 in order to play.





Indeed I need to overwrite for the weapons to work. But if have made the structure special so that others easily can add stuff without needing to change See below for a detailed description how to implement this (modders only).


How do I can these weapons to my ships? 

If you don't know anything about modding, I suggest you contact the creator of the mod, ask  to provide you with an update of his/her ship and skip the link.


For modders only



USS Apollo


Special Thanks to:

(support, ideas)

(support, soundeffects)

(during a coversation with him, he gave me a bit of code and I got the idea how to solve the corbonite reflector issue)


BC Mod forum
(their enthusiasm was an inspiration to continue when it was getting buggish) 


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