... where to use? ...

I've collected some great av's over the years. Most of them are NOT my creation, I got them from various sites and communities. (please see: 'credits') These avatars are meant to be used on 'The Afterglow', a Tori Amos community/forum. If you decide to use them elsewhere, which is totally fine by me, PLEASE save them onto your own webspace!Do not hotlink these av's outside our forum. Thank you!! :o)

... how to use? ...

To get them in your profile, just right-click the avatar you want and then copy it. Click on 'profile' followed by clicking on 'modify profile'. Then scroll down until you see: 'Avatar URL:'. In that box you paste the avatar's url. Scroll down once again and then click on 'modify profile'... and there you go. A brand new frock! :o)

... problems? ...

contact: 'Saar°berry' on 'The Afterglow'
or email us at:




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